The drop will be a brand-new concept to the NFT community.The drop will be on Scoby Socials, which will keep everything on chain and open. You can download the app on PlayStore and AppStore.

Once in Scoby:

1. You must search “THE RHINO KINGDOM”.

2. Join the community and receive a SOCIAL TOKEN from us.

3. Use the SOCIAL TOKEN to breed a PROJECT PASS (priced @ 3 Sol).This will ensure you become part of the royalty lineage and be able to earn by bringing other investors and friends in.

4. Mint a Rhino kingdom NFT (priced @ 1.5 Sol)

5. Everyone you recruit that breeds a PROJECT PASS will earn you up to 57% of the price, of PROJECT PASS, in direct royalties.

Direct referrals= 50%
Secondary referrals= 7%

6. NFT’s minted in your lineage will earn you up to 20% direct royalties.

Direct referrals= 13%
Secondary referrals= 5%
Tertiary referrals= 2%

7. PROJECT PASS breeders get early access to the game, future collections,and merchandise.

8. 1 RHINO KINGDOM NFT giveaways for every 5 PROJECT PASSES minted.

9. With the help of Rhino kingdom PROJECT PASS, one can breed two Rhino kingdom NFT and give birth to a POACHER’S NFT.

NOTE: This is a protocol of Scoby Socials that the project is running on.
All transactions will be in the smart contract. Its about giving back to those loyal to the project.
10% of minting, per collection, will be donated to the wildlife preservation organisations, nature conservation projects and charity.

We will be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and leave a legacy for generations to come!

Welcome to this journey to a better world!