A group of people bringing animal love-and appreciation to the world of NFTs.
Mankind has forgotten that this planet does not belong to just us and we have ceased to co-exist with other species.
We fear they may go extinct soon.With a strong belief that a group of individuals can come together to brainstorm and breed something new.
We will make a difference by preserving the gifts of Mother-nature.

Pixel$ NFT is a project of 6 collections, whereof The Rhino Kingdom is the first.
We are making use of technology to strengthen the support to our philanthropic efforts and turn the #RhinoArmy investments into a long term hodl.

The play-to-earn game will be like no other. We will not rush into any decision and risk the investment of the #RhinoArmy.
Organic growth is most important; hence we are investing our time in building IRL’s and a proper game for our #RhinoArmy which give them the opportunity to earn some fun perks and real money and rewards.