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About Us

Over a period of time our planet has greatly suffered. Human greed has taken over morality. For our selfish needs we have abused the planet and continue to scar it further every single day. Mankind has forgotten that this planet does not belong to us alone and we cease to co-exist with other species.

Everyday there is a threat to various species of animals and we fear they may go extinct soon. With a strong belief in mind a group of individuals have come together to brainstorm and create a difference. We believe we can make a difference and will try our best to preserve the gifts of mother nature.

Pixel$ NFT has been created with various objectives in mind. We believe we can make use of technology to strengthen the support to our philanthropic efforts at the same time we intend to support our investors and turn their investments into profits.

You may have heard of many play to earn NFTs and crypto currencies however Pixel$ NFT is like none other. Every penny invested in our efforts will make a difference and at the same time will bring you closer to your financial goals. Our roadmap has been charted out carefully keeping in mind we do not want to rush into the project and risk the investment of our investors.

We believe in organic growth hence we are wisely investing our time in building world class gaming interface for our users which give them the opportunity to earn real money and rewards.

The Drop

The aim of pixels' NFT is to host various nft artist around the world together for the same cause of saving nature and preservation of the wild life around the world. In our philantrophic journey we will donate an amount of 10% of the total minting value per collection to the wildlife preservation organisations, nature conservation projects and charity.

We will be the words for those who cannot speak for themselves and leave a legacy for the childrens to come!

We welcome you to be a part of this journey to a better world!!

The Rhino Kingdom - Prelude

Centuries before, there used to be a Civilization of the Rhinos called 'The Rhino Kingdom' where life was happy for all the Rhinos and they had a life of their own. Rhino Calf were seen running and playing with their mothers and their population grew !

Then, there came a storm of human greed in the early 70s when the rhino poaching epidemic began. It demolished the black rhino population. The crisis continued to deplete populations right throughout the 90s, so much so that by 1993, there were only 2,475 black Rhinos left in the world.
Later, the population suffered from habitat loss which added to their sufferings and they were ENDANGERED to the point where certain sub species have died out.

Their King stood up to revolt against it, Forming a Rhino army to save thier own population from extinction. It was the fight for their heritage and survival. The fight still continues and the king is their only hope to lead the way and form a proper habitat for survival.

So, the Generals and the army are hiding their King Rhino behind the bushes to protect him from the poachers and the snipers, so that they can re-establish their KINGDOM again !

The Rhino army is approaching the crypto community to help them re-establish their Kingdom and for that The Rhino Army is giving back $5000 to anyone who can find The Rhino king and keep him safe !

Join the #RhinoArmy and help them establish their Kingdom back!!

The Rhino Kingdom NFT will be launched on the Solana Blockchain in the month of september,2022.

With the objective to constantly grow and evolve we will be launching our own game.This game will be accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms. The game play will include two modes free to play (F2P) and P2E (Play to earn).

Free pay mode: will allow non crypto user to login and enjoy the game

P2E mode: will allow the users to connect their wallets to the game and use real crypto to play.

The winner of each round wins the prize money. Every round will consist 5% taxes which will be used for giving back to our investors in the form of reflections and to build the marketing wallet.


Keeping in mind the interest of the global audience and to create an inclusive culture, we will make the game available for non-crypto users too. The objective is to spread the awareness on animal conservation while having fun and also contributing positively.

Game Type - First person shooter game

The Game begins with the player selecting his character and customizing it. (Customizations will be available in the game mall)

During the first phase of launch the P2E players can choose between 2 game play modes. 1) Single shooter takes it all. 2) Team challenge

Single shooter mode: In this mode the objective of the game is to kill all enemies on the battlefield. Once a player has accomplished the goal, they will win the grand prize depending on the number of players who have participated in the prize pool.

Team Challenge: In this mode, players will get the option to select a side either Poacher or the Rhino team. Players will be divided evenly on both sides. The objective is to defeat the opponent’s side until all the players from that team is killed. Once done the winning team will get the prize pool. (NFT holders who have participated in the round will have additional perks)

In the pilot version of the game, we will launch 10 maps/arenas, 2 game play modes, 5 prize pools in single and multiplayer P2E and limited in game mall items. In subsequent releases we will make more items and game plays available.

Meet the team
Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchain are these NFTs on?

Pixels' NFT are multi-chain NFTs. Each collection will be launched on different blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and many others. While our first collection will be launched on the Solana Network.

What is the purpose behind creating these NFTs?

This NFTs are created on the sole purpose of creating awareness among the NFT communities about wildlife preservation and nature conservation at the same time giving an adventure and fun filled experience and learning to the hoolders. We also aim to donate 10% of the collection to NGOs who work for wildlife preservation in the real world and take utilisation details for our website and inspire others for the same cause.

What is the price of the NFT?

First collection will be released for public sale at 2.5sol per NFT while the succeeding collections' price will be higher than the floor price of the previous collection. But the early bird Whitelisted wallets can get in discounted price of 1.5sol per NFT.

How many NFT collection will be released and NFTs per collection?

We already have 5 NFT collections ready to be launched and each collection will be released with 8888 NFTs. While creating collection and launching them will be a permanent process to fund the wildlife preservation projects and relate it to the upcoming P2E game.Read our roadmap for details.

What will be the benefits of holding the NFT(applicable for all collection)?

1. Holders with 2 NFTs from the previous collection will be whitelisted for the next collection and the investor who holds minimum of 5 NFTs will be eligible for giveaways (selection will be random - lottery)
2. Legendary collection-Holders with 1 NFT from each collection having a total value more than the floor price of legendary collection NFTs will be whitelisted for the Legendary collection.
3. All NFT holder will be whitelisted for our token presale.
4. For Every collection, the rarest NFT holder of the collection will be offered $5000 for a buy back from the team. And thereafter give back to the community again as giveaways for anyone with 3 NFTs via lottery or open for all with an auction window.
5. Sustainable passive income for NFT holders and ingame benefits for holding the NFTs.

How can I be eligible for the legendary collection?

Any holder who holds atleast a single NFT from all the launched collection and whose total value is more than the release price of the legendary collection will be eligible for the drop in first come first serve basis as holding a legendary collection will come with lots of perks and utility for the P2E game.

Where can I mint the NFTs?

Our NFTs can be minted through our official website which is linked to our minting page of each collection. Once the NFTs are minted you will be able to find and resell your NFTs in the secondary market like Opensea etc when you connect your wallet.

What are the perks of owning Rhino kingdom NFTs?

• Anyone holding the king rhino will be offered 5000$ for buy-back.
• Special powers in our upcoming P2E game.
• Giveaway of all the upcoming collections.
• Booked WL spot for all collection including the Legendary collection.
[The KING: can assign Imperial title during the battle for a duration of 5 mins. During this time the opponent who has been tagged will be able to play the game with restricted movements/abilities. ]

• Giveaway participants for all the upcoming collections.
• Booked WL spot for all collection including the Legendary collection.
[Aristocrat/Noble: Has the ability to unleash flying daggers that can incapacitate the opponent. This ability can be used within a radius of 100 metres and can stun the opponent for 5 secs.]

• Giveaway participants for all the upcoming collections.
• Booked WL spot for all collection (excluding the Legendary collection)
[Commander: can call for reinforcements once during the battle. During this time there will be a fighter plane that would fly over the arena and target the opponent and will drain 80% of existing health of the opponent. This ability can only be used once during the battle.]
[Soldier: can speed dash an opponent, this will result in the opponent being crippled for 5 secs. This ability can only be used once during the battle.]

• Giveaway participants for all the upcoming collections.
[Victim Rhino: has a unique ability to slow down the game once for a duration of 5 secs. During this time the player can either doge incoming attacks or can attack the opponent.]

• Giveaway participants for all the upcoming collections.
• Booked WL spot for all collection (excluding the Legendary collection).
[Commoner: Has the unique ability to speed up to 100 meters to escape incoming attacks. This ability can be used 3 times during a battle.]

6. All NFT holders will have Passive income from the pool of revenues collected in the P2E game.

7. INTO THE WILD- A fun filled and adventurous Safari trip into the Wild grasslands of south Africa for two lucky NFT holders ,with a luxury stay at a resort and participating in the preservation activities and see the BIG FIVE up close and personal like never before.

8. COMMANDERS- A total of a 30 NFT holding commanders will be rewarded, from a pool of 2% of the mint value, equally among each other for being the most active and supportive in the community and helping to grow the RhinoArmy !

9. NOBLES- Top 20 rarest NFT holders will be featured in the Hall of Fame as #Wildlifesavers in our official website and the official website of IRF. They will also be given the chance to adopt a baby Rhino in conjuction with IRF.

10.SOLDIERS- 500 lucky NFT holders will get a chance for Virtual Safari into the wild with their families at the comfort of their homes.

11.COMMONERS- Certificate of appreciation and purchase will be awarded to all the first time holders of the Rhino kingdom NFT from IRF and pixelsNFTart jointly. (Which will have many perks as we collab with some other organisations and wild life sanctuaries)

*Clothes they wear will determine which class of Rhino they belong to irrespective of other features.
* All Rhinos with bleeding horns will be considered Victim Rhino 🦏
#RhinoArmy #CommunityFirst